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Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990?

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My fellow Americans, I’m sure we can all agree that we are living in dark times. Today is the day that we, as Americans, unite as one voice and cry out to the oppression that shackles us to the bonds of slavery. It is when we combine our forces, arm ourselves (with knowledge) and cry out with the voice of liberty. It is when we ask the burning question…did Glenn Beck rape and murder a girl in 1990?

Because of this, I hereby initiate The 19/90 Project.

Now please, I’m not accusing of Glenn Beck of rape and murder. In fact, I am lead to believe he has never done such a thing. But I can’t help but wonder, since he has failed to deny these allegations against him, what is he trying to hide? If he truly is innocent, why won’t he come out and deny these charges? Why won’t he deny that he raped and murdered a girl in 1990?

Some say that Glenn Beck did in fact rape and murder a girl in 1990. Some say. And in fact, every year there are roughly 150-200 unsolved murders in New York City (where Glenn Beck’s show is aired) and yet Mr. Beck has yet to offer a reasonable alibi for any of these murders. Yet we, as Americans, must reach deep into the souls of our Founding Fathers and ask, if in fact these allegations are false, why hasn’t he taken the simple step of denying them? It would seem very prudent to deny them if he were innocent. What is he trying to hide? Mr. Beck, I urge you, as a fellow American, to stop hiding behind your army of lawyers and simply confirm or deny that you raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

But, my friends, I urge you to heed with caution and not get carried away. After all, all it takes is one person to completely ruin our revolution. So now let’s be reasonable. There are plenty of reasons that don’t involve raping and murdering a girl in 1990 that might be why Glenn isn’t releasing his legal records. I mean, it’s entirely possible that what he is really worried about coming to light is that Glenn Beck supplied the ammonium nitrate and detonators to Timothy McVeigh before the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

I mean, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Truth be told though, I find the main-stream media’s (MSM) complete silence on the matter rather disturbing. This kind of “journalism” is not what our Founding Fathers wanted when they established this country as a Christian nation. Why aren’t they tasking the tough questions about the fact that Glenn Beck maybe raped and murdered a girl in 1990? I’m simply asking for evidence to prove that Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a girl in 1990.

Again, let’s look at the FACTS…

FACT: In 1990, there were many GIRLS.

FACT: In 1990, there was Glenn Beck.

FACT: Many hard-working Americans are wondering if Glenn Beck did rape and murder a young woman in 1990.

FACT: The MSM has not investigated whether or not Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990, despite many people wondering if it’s true.

Is there anyone out there refuting these FACTS?

Now for those of you who are just joining us, we are asking the question if Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990? Let me explain it with the marker board…

It makes perfect sense, really

It makes perfect sense, really

Make sense? Good.

See, here’s the thing, I was doing some research today and came across some disturbing evidence. I warn you, what I am going to show you may disturb you to your very core. As we know, Glenn Beck is the author of several books. I was looking at these titles, when I noticed a horrible pattern…

The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland

An Inconvenient Book

Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine

As you can see, this clearly spells RAPE. Is this just a coincidence or perhaps part of something more sinister? Regardless, the red-blooded, freedom loving people of America deserve an answer as to whether or not Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

I need you to get as much information on Glenn Beck and rape and 1990, burn it to CD and then immediately delete it from your computer. Do not be afraid, my fellow Americans, as we surround Glenn Beck and his alleged raped and murder of a girl in 1990. Only by banding together will we bring America back to its glory days, which was over 200+ years ago. Then, and only then, will we be welcome into the warm, loving bosom of our Founding Fathers.


Written by MrZissman

09/13/2009 at 5:31 PM

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