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30 DAY MUSIC CHALLENGE: Day 15 – A Song That Describes You

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“White and Nerdy” ~ Weird AL

NERDS! Listen up, comrades! For too long we have been held in shackles by our trendy oppressors! They have cast stones at us, mocked us, repressed us for refusing to indulge in their decadent ways! But what is it to be done? How shall we free ourselves from those who know not?


Yes comrades, the time has come for the nerds of the world to unite as one! Far too long we have been divided in foolish skirmishes such as DC vs Marvel, Kirk vs Picard, Hulk vs Superman or even Goku vs Superman. Cannot you see this is a plot by the bourgeoisie Aeropostle rulers? They wish to divide us, so that we may be conquered and unjustly punished. If you prick a mutant, does he not bleed? Does not even the Batman shed a tear?

I speak on to you not as a leader, but as a brother. Now is our time to revolt against those who deny the truth, who have become blinded by their own tainted souls that they lack the jurisdiction to properly rule. Today is a glorious dawning of a new era, one in which Han short first, in which 616 offers a deeper meaning than just numbers, one in which we sit on the throne of righteousness and trade paperbacks!




Written by MrZissman

07/20/2011 at 11:33 AM

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