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30 DAY MUSIC CHALLENGE – Day 7: A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

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I am going to cheat on this one and instead talk about a song that reminds me of several events, though they are all similar in subject matter: food. Or more specifically, Mexican food.

Growing up in Mansfield doesn’t really offer you any chance for “ethnic” food, so to speak. It’s mostly fast food with chain restaurants like Applebee’s and Cheddar’s dominating the landscape. But then the Mexican restaurants started to roll in and I was hooked. The thing that really stuck out were the generous portions. I mean, you’d order a three burrito platter and next thing you know, this sizzling Frankenstein’s monster of meat, cheese and dough arrives on your plate, seasoned to perfection. It’s a miracle I didn’t weight 800 lbs by the time I finally moved.

Now George Thurgood may drink alone, but I cannot eat alone, so I always made sure to have an Eating Partner for these excursions and few were more welcome than my homie, Eric Sparks. (SHAMELESS PLUG: Check out his webpage Old Futures, a very in-depth tribute and archive to classic retro-sci-fi. You know, before The Prequels and 3-D Alien Space Pocahontas Ferngully Smurf Rabbits became so well-known.)

Sometimes we would both meet at the restaurant, but most of the time I would meet Eric at his apartment and he would drive us to our delicious destination for the night. What we would listen to one the way over would vary, but there’s a good chance it would have been Radiohead. And there’s an equally good chance it would have been “OK Computer“, which is just as awesome. We would listen to the entire album, but for some reason “Airbag” sticks out the most for me.

Those Friday night Mexican food runs were awesome and it reflects back on much simpler times. We were just Two Dudes in Mansfield, grubbing on some deliciousness. We’d probably voyage back to his apartment and either pop in DVD or spend till 3 AM blowing each other up in the original Halo. Life was awesome. As I write a new chapter in my life, one in a much bigger city, I’ll face all sorts of challenges, rewards and just downright random encounters and adventures. Still, it’s nice to pop on “Airbag” and just reflect upon an era when my biggest concern was whether I wanted enchiladas or burritos for dinner.


Written by MrZissman

07/12/2011 at 1:00 PM

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