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30 DAY MUSIC CHALLENGE – Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad

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Hey, you know that Beck guy? The wacky singer who did songs like “Loser”, “New Pollution” or “Devil’s Haircut”? Well, something happened to him back in 2002: His girlfriend cheated on him.

Now for most of us, this would be an intense time of depression and isolation and, indeed, for Beck it was the same. But Beck turned towards the lyric book and began to pen down how he felt in song form. The result was the brilliant album “Sea Change.”

Just about every song on this album tugs at my heart in ways that are hard to describe. It’s as if Beck conveyed pure sadness in musical form, but it’s an honest, gut wrenching sadness and not some crappy “MY LIFE IS BAD CAUSE MY PARENTS MAKE ME DO HOMEWORK!” crap you see now-a-days. It’s real sadness. But of all the songs, “Guess I’m Doing Fine” is the one that hits me the hardest, because I’ve felt that way before.

“There’s a blue bird at my window
I can’t hear the songs he sings
All the jewels in heaven
They don’t look the same to me”

We’ve all been to that place where things just don’t seem like they should. Colors look duller, sounds become muddied and mute, the things that normally bring you pleasure seem worthless as a pile of sand. It’s beautiful agony, the suffering of a broken heart pulling through each lyric and guitar string.

I can only listen to this album in small doses, because pro-longed exposure puts me in a serious funk. But still, it’s incredibly brilliant and my choice for Day 4


Written by MrZissman

07/09/2011 at 1:00 PM

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