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30 DAY MUSIC CHALLENGE – Day 1: Your Favorite Song

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I bet you’re surprised this isn’t Kiss! Honestly, I’ve never been a huge REM fan but I love this song simply for the subject matter, Andy Kaufman. To me, describing Andy as “funny” is like saying the sun is “warm” or something similar. Andy was beyond a comedian, instead he fused some entertainment with a general brilliance that still rings ahead of it’s time. He was constantly entertaining, even if he wasn’t a traditional “joke -> punchline -> joke -> punchline” character, he still made sure you were never bored.

That is, unless deliberately making you bored was part of the gag. But again, that’s what made Andy so brilliant is the simple fact that he completely erased what it meant to be “funny” and then made up his own rules, often as he went along.

But back to the song: I’ve enjoyed it for years now, so much that I even used it in my senior graduation video. It’s a fitting musical tribute to one of the most creative minds of the 20th century.


Written by MrZissman

07/06/2011 at 12:34 PM

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