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Joker Obama is stupid and you are stupid for liking it

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I’m sure that by now, many of you have seen the Socialist Obama picture that has been floating around on the internet and now starting to make it’s way into the “real world.” For those not in the know, this is what it looks like….(click to make bigger)



What started off as a lame photoshop job has now gone viral and is springing up all over the internet and now can be found printed up and sticking on your local telephone pole. (TRUE FACT: I passed at least two of these while leaving after getting my hair cut.)

I’m not sure where I could even begin to describe how ridiculous these posters are. First off, if we’re going to compare Obama to Heath Ledger’s Joker, we need to look at Ledger’s character. In The Dark Knight, we see that the Joker is far from a socialist, but actually a violent anarchist.

“It’s not about money… it’s about sending a message. Everything burns!”

Joker’s whole point was that to classify such things as “good” or “evil” was foolish. He believed that everyone would gladly sell their souls if it meant for only a moment of comfort.

“You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.”

And that was the Joker’s point throughout all of the movie. That morals are weak and people only cling to them to make themselves feel better. He saw himself “ahead of the curve” and in his mind, wasn’t evil. That right there is the biggest difference, even between the most whack job of tin foil hat theories. If they believe Obama secretly wants to ruin America, then they really can’t use the Joker as a comparison. The Joker, in the most basic of sense, did not want to ruin Gotham, but rather to free them from their preconceived notions of justice and right and wrong. Far from what this poster is accusing.

Next, we need to take a look at where this poster originated from. Doing a bit of research, it looks like the poster originated with Alex Jones, who runs crack pot websites like or (You can buy JOKER OBAMA tee-shirts off his website.) Who is Alex Jones exactly? Sit back and think of the most far fetched, unbelievable conspiracy theory you can think. No, seriously think of it. I’ll wait.

….okay, you got one in mind? Chances are, Alex Jones really believes that. Matter of fact, Mr Jones believes…

  • The Branch Davidians were not a cult, but rather a peace-loving religious group. And David Koresh was in no way a pedophile.
  • The government is being run by the Worldwide Masonic Conspiracy, who are in turn run by Satanists.
  • High ranking people, such as George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II are actually a race of inter-dimensional shape shifting space lizards.
  • FEMA is setting up secret death camps where people who disagree with Obama will be thrown into and left to die.
  • Every year our government, and celebrities gather together in a secret camp where they worship the false god Moloch and engage in mock-child sacrifice ceremonies.

STILL not convinced this guy is off his rocker? Watch this or this

But hey, maybe fighting Obama and his FEMA Death Squad™ helps Alex reach his HIDDEN POWER LEVEL?!

I will gladly buy whatever quality OBAMA = TEH JOKER LULZ merchandise this fine man is selling.

But that just brings me to my final point….WAKE UP! Wake up, you protesters, tea baggers, and what not. Do you see the quality of people you are hanging out with? Do you understand what a joke this all is?

Let’s say there are two people who don’t like Obama or his health care reform, Goofus and Gallant. Both of them do not like the health care reform and both of them wish to express their discomfort with it.

Now Gallant reads up on the subject, including a variety of news sources. Gallant attends town hall meetings and politely, intelligently engages in debate using such things as stats, figures and facts.

Goofus dresses up as an 18th century slave owner, makes a crude, misspelled home made sign equating Obama to Hitler and shouts a random string of catch phrases like “9-11 INSIDE JOB! ILLUMINATI! SPACE LIZARDS! FEMA DEATH CAMPS! DEATH PANELS! ACORN! KENYA!”

And nobody wants to be a Goofus, right?

What I’m saying is that, if you want to protest Obama, do so as a respectable, civilized human being and not a puppet being controlled by elite, rich far right wing interests. WAKE UP and realize that you are being lied to! Boycott the Tea Parties, shut off the Fox News and INFORM yourself. Stay away from the Ron Pauls, Rush Limbaughs, Alex Jones and Sean Hannitys of the world. You wanna protest? Do it as a human, as an American and not as a puppet. Cut the strings and then, and only then, will you have real freedom.


Written by MrZissman

08/15/2009 at 6:01 PM

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  1. I hoped you would reach the conclusions of your last paragraph. The comparisons are all wrong, but it is still important to remember that the right to protest exists. Unfortunately this has been taken to a whole new level where facts no longer matter. People standing up for what they believe is America’s foundation. But so is intelligence, thought, and freedom.


    08/15/2009 at 6:10 PM

    • I agree, protesting is an American right. But if anti-Obama protesters want to be taken seriously, they need to distance themselves from the whack jobs like Alex Jones and Ron Paul.


      08/15/2009 at 6:14 PM

  2. With a mind like yours (a compliment), Steve, I highly recommend you read any or all of the following books. I strongly believe you will enjoy them.

    1. On the Genealogy of Morals
    2. Beyond Good and Evil
    3. The Will to Power

    All three are by Friedrich Nietzsche. If you’re uncertain about Mr. Nietzsche because he’s often associated with the phrase, “God is Dead,” here’s a brief explanation: Nietzsche himself never said this. In a work of fiction that he wrote called “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, there is a character in the book (whom is utterly mad/insane) that makes the comment “God is Dead.” Not Nietzsche himself.

    So don’t let that common bit of misinformation dissuade you from reading his works.

    Another famous/infamous example of taken-out-of-context remarks would be that of John Lennon, whom supposedly said the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.”


    08/17/2009 at 4:26 PM

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